Project Management

Each project is a unique endeavour

Standard Industries provides skill & expertise on the co-ordination and management of construction & demolition projects with our highly-skilled and experienced project management team. Each project has unique characteristics and we aim to tailor-make services and products to benefit each individual customer. We mobilise human resources to ensure our projects are completed on time, within budget and to high quality standards in compliance with all WHS requirements. To achieve this, project leaders work in partnership with builders to organise, carry out and complete construction projects.

Project and construction management

We supply project and construction management services for all types of building, industrial and civil engineering projects. From civil engineering, industry and infrastructure to real estate, construction law and environmental management, we provide the following services:

  • Construction management
  • Project programming
  • Design management
  • Procurement/purchasing
  • Quality management
  • WHS compliance management
  • Property development
  • Management system development – ISO9001 Quality Management
  • AS4801/OHSAS18001 WHS Management,
  • Risk analysis
  • Environmental quality and work environment management
  • Environmental control and strategic environmental advice
  • ISO14001 Environmental Management
  • Construction supervision
  • Requirement/operational analysis
  • NSW Government Guidelines – WHS Edition 5, Quality Edition 3, Environmental Edition 3
  • Project, site and contractor audits against all standards list above, also against client requirements, contract requirements and legislative requirements
  • Financial project control

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